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Find the Fall Flow with Letting Go

Happy Equinox week! The Spring Equinox is a time to allow new energies to emerge and new ideas, projects and passions to be planted. The Summer Solstice is about watering these very things and practicing patience for them to blossom. Until we arrive at NOW, the Fall Equinox time, which is about harvesting the many blessings that we DO have & that which we have successfully stepped into or created since the Spring. In addition to acknowledging & giving thanks for these things, it's also a time to start thinking about what would be healthy & helpful to release. Think of those fall leaves that in letting go they create even more beauty.

Our intentions we consciously consecrate right now during this week can create a climate or carry a flavor that can positively influence the next 3 months if we choose to do so.

So I'd invite you to contemplate what energies have served you well these past many months but you are now ready to release? It is often easy to think of what we know we *need* to release for our own benefit, but also are there things, relationships or activities that were helpful but perhaps stepping stones that can be let go? The patterns we release that no longer serve us of living, thinking and being become fertilizer to create new energy in the future.

With each season, I create a simple centerpiece on my kitchen table (pictured here) to remind me and my family of the season, and of its gifts & teachings. Each day when I see it, I remember to continually align with the cycles of nature for in doing so I align with her power and bring myself back into Presence which is the greatest gift of all!

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The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment.

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