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February Gifts

This week is you know why?🌚🐯🌱Its a new moon week (amavasya in yoga); it’s the beginning of the Chinese New Year (& lunar new year in various cultures); and it’s a Celtic holiday called Imbolc which celebrates the turning towards the light & the quickening energies of life. Imbolc, literally meaning “in the belly of”, is an honoring & markation of the mid point between winter & spring. As humans, when we are in the belly, we are gestating and waiting to be birthed. It may feel sticky, dark & unclear but we are growing covertly undercover. So the invitation of this week is to feel into our creative life force energies that live beneath the surface. For as of RIGHT now no matter how if *feels* we are moving towards the sun & the ebullient energies of spring are beginning to stir beneath the snowy earth.

An ancient Irish meditative practice that spans many other traditions is to light a candle and stare at it for a full five minutes. In Ireland this is done at sunset but can be done at any point in the day. This open-eyed mediation creates deep listening & can help often dissipate the inner static that blocks our main channels of creativity and flow.

Just a few minutes of focus can access the bandwidth of a deeper station and whatever creative juices are wishing to be birthed from within can be heard with clarity.

Are you yearning to midwife the next version of yourself and of your life? One spot left for my intuitive coaching sessions for Feb.🌱Grab it & let’s draft off the potent energies of this time!

🌱Visit and click on "coaching" button to read more about my unique one-on-one work!

Looking for more #inspiration? Check out the Modern Mystic Podcast (found on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Music & Spotify). The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment. Bringing you ancient tools & technologies into modern day living. Yoga, mythic & healing conversations with expert & visionary powerhouses sharing their stories & secrets with you to help you live an inspired life.

Conscious conversation carves out pathways towards the unfolding of your highest Self & for a sustainable world. Aligned & authentic living are the results on this road less traveled by.

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The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment.

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