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Astrology Oracle Readings

Join Kilkenny for a 55 minute one-of-a-kind Astrology Oracle Readings and your mind will be blown by the specific psychospiritual guidance and profound information you will receive. 


Astrology is an ancient science birthed in Egypt that Kilkenny has studied for many years. In her curated readings, she will offer insight into working with your personality, karmic lessons, soul’s purpose, unique gifts, relationships and more to help you come into more harmony with life and with yourself.


Her unique blend of psyche & psychic impressions flavor this curated reading and she will also look at the timing of your chart and the current transits influencing so you can plan for what is ahead. When we know what the upcoming "weather" will be, we can enjoy the journey more!

You will receive:


  • An audio recording of the session to glean its wisdom for years to come 

  • A copy of your astrological natal chart which shows a snapshot of where the planets were in the sky when you were born and where they are now


All sessions are held via zoom (audio-only) 

" I had my chart read by Kilkenny and integrated into my session, and I was blown away by the amount of information that I received! Previously I only had a cursory understanding of astrology but now I understand it, and myself, much more deeply. Kilkenny is a wealth of knowledge and she is spot on with everything. She has such a warm, welcoming, and compassionate spirit and instantly makes you feel right at ease. "        - Dr. Lisa McCoog

Psychic Medium

Are you looking for guidance, clarity and/or peace? Join Kilkenny for a 55 minute psychic medium reading where she will connect with your guides and offer you information from your spirit team as well as share with you your energetic blueprint. She will also assess any chakra imbalances and offer practical guidance for re-harmonizing them. She is also able to connect with loved ones who have passed over if they are ready to come forth. Much healing and insight are birthed during these sessions.

modern mystic logo and Kilkenny doing Anjali mudra

"Kilkenny's psychic impressions have been invaluable for me when doing difficult shadow work, accessing my inner child, connecting with spirit guides, and developing my own intuitive ability. "      - Dr. Sandy Saull


Tarot is an ancient technology that can offer deep insight and clarity in a powerful way. It is a profound container to do our psychological and spiritual reflective work and an apparatus to help untangle these domains of ourselves and move forward. Join Kilkenny for a profound experience in which she will use this divination tool to help unlock answers for you and reflect back to you your own intuitive knowing.

tarot cards fanned

" Having a tarot reading with Kilkenny was enlightening and fun. Her loving guidance and accurate reading was amazing and helped bring some insight to some things in my life and guided me to ease my anxiety.  I love her soothing voice and wisdom. I am grateful for you and your offerings through Modern Mystic. Thank you!"   - Jennifer Wexler

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