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Join Kilkenny for her one-of-a-kind inspiring asana (yoga posture) classes where she integrates mindful alignment and intelligent sequencing to support the needs of your unique body. Her eloquent classes imbued with her biomechanical excellence spark insights within the postures as well as healing, and include elements of strengthening in addition to stretching. Her signature style is creative & vibrant with her threading of mindfulness, myth, mantra and mudra on the garland of tantric yogic philosophy. Kilkenny’s cutting edge teaching is magical & highly infused with both Shakti (energy) & Bhakti (devotion) leaving her students feeling grounded, empowered and uplifted. Known for her potent sequencing, engaging theming & authentic style, she is a teacher’s teacher, who has trained hundreds of teachers up and down the East Coast with her fluency in the yoga tradition and earth based practices.

Modern Mystic Yoga

Modern Mystic Yoga

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Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga - Fundamentals