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Here Comes the Sun

Today is a moment in the precipice of time worth knowing known in the yoga tradition as “Makara Sankranti.” I appreciate holidays & celebrations because they present invitations of remembrance & mindfulness if their beckons are accepted. This seam in January honors the moment when the sun (or “surya” as it’s called in Sanskrit) begins its 6th month journey in the northern hemisphere, and more visible light appears later on in the day.

When it was described to me in this way as a young child, I remember thinking but wait, the sun isn’t the one moving, I am! And in this moment I got was my position on the earth in relation to the static sun which actually made the difference in my experience of the light & the dark and this was true in life as well. The more I took personal responsibility for my alignment with goodness, selflessness and activities that were aligned w/ the light on the outside, the more directly I would experience the light from within. This great teaching midwifed from nature right now is one I love to celebrate each year because it is about remembering, reclaiming and taking responsibility for our alignment with the light. Now darkness is a beautiful archetype w/value too (& I posted about this on the winter solstice) but when I say "light" in today's context, it's harkening & synonymous with the qualities of the sun which are sustaining & nourishing.

For yoga holds that we have a choice in each moment; we are a co-creator in our experience of this thing called living. This “shift” visible in nature is considered to be an auspicious time to herald in change itself; transit and transformation. In India, it is a week to make amends with those who have offended you or with whom you have fought with the most, and people go around offering sesame seed food to one another as a gesture of this for those tiny seeds represent all the potentiality for the light of our humanity that has yet to be sprouted. You wanna learn more about these potent yoga traditions, earth based practices and threading them more fully into your life? Check out my podcast Modern Mystic (link in bio & on all podcast platforms including iTunes & Spotify).

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