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Wrinkles Are Your Fight Song

I woke up this morning to an anti-aging/anti-wrinkle ad in my feed with a female actor mouthpiece who is the CEO of a company that supposedly empowers women and wellness. This is on top of overhearing 2 conversations this week of women saying how smiling a lot in pictures show wrinkles & how smiling a lot creates them.

This is not a blame game people, but a testament to the insidious subtle & overt marketing malady that is present in our society for both men and women that teaches us to fear aging and wrinkles.

It is in spades for women & until we all notice it & call it out with compassion, it won’t stop it’s reverberation power that moves through our psyches and then resounds through our words.

My wrinkles are my #fightsong and so are YOURS! If you are “aging” you are getting to be alive longer & this is nothing but a gift.

No one would dream of looking at a tree, and say it’s wrinkles were to be admonished as we all know that it’s echelons are a testament to its years which make it wise, powerful & able to offer this world shade.

So if & when you hear those mp3 recordings of anti-aging/anti-wrinkle propaganda in your mind, compassionately understand why and then delete them by replacing them with thoughts of gratitude for another day of embodiment. And the truth is smiling as much as possible when appropriate (a fav practice of mine;) is a gratitude practice that creates “tejas” the yogic word meaning “the luster of a person’s soul that shines out”...and that’s the best make up and “product” to keep you feeling youthful from the inside out.

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The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment.

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