Astrology Readings

Do you want to know your soul’s blueprint of what you came to learn, to share and to do? Join Kilkenny for a 55 minute astrology reading and your mind will be blown by the specific guidance and profound information you will receive. 


Astrology is an ancient science birthed in Egypt that Kilkenny has studied for many years. In her curated readings, she will offer insight into working with your personality, karmic lessons, soul’s purpose, unique gifts, relationships and more to help you come into more harmony with life and with yourself.

You will receive:


  • An audio recording of the session to glean its wisdom for years to come 

  • A copy of your astrological natal chart which shows a snapshot of where the planets were in the sky when you were born and where they are now


All sessions are held via zoom (audio-only) 

Lisa McCoog

I had my chart read by Kikenny and integrated into my session, and I was blown away by the amount of information that I received! Previously I only had a cursory understanding of astrology but now I understand it, and myself, much more deeply. Kilkenny is a wealth of knowledge and she is spot on with everything. She has such a warm, welcoming, and compassionate spirit and instantly makes you feel right at ease.

Sandy Saull

I have had the great pleasure and privilege to have been her student for the last 15 years. When I first needed to find a Yoga teacher, knowing absolutely nothing about the discipline, there she was, smiling at the front desk when I entered a local studio. Since that fateful day, she has been my Teacher, Mentor, and Intuitive Coach. She has the rare ability to deeply listen, and this allows her to see, feel and sense what I need, even when it is initially hidden from my view. Together, and using a multitude of modalities, the veil is gradually lifted, the layers of the onion peeled back, so that I become aware of what is really happening, and why. When I needed physical practice, we did asana. When I yearned for a more spiritual understanding of myself, we delved into meditation,

mindfulness, and mantra. We have explored the relationships between the Elements, the Senses, and the Chakras, and their connections with Astrology and Tarot. Her psychic impressions have been invaluable for me when doing difficult shadow work, accessing my inner child, connecting with spirit guides, and developing my own intuitive ability.

Kilkenny’s gift is finding the way to connect you to your deepest self, helping you ask the Question that unexpectedly arises from your lips, knowing that the answer is already there inside you, deep in your heart. You will not regret the opportunity to learn from her and work with her.