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Happy Autumnal Equinox🍁

On this day when day & night are balanced,I like to reflect on my fav way of thinking about balance which is that it is illusive as all get up.As a #libra with FIVE planets in the house of libra,I used to think of life as a game of seeking balance as much as possible in my outer circumstances.And while I think this is still a worthwhile quest and perspective,I have also come to simultaneously recognize that most of life is actually meant to be lived with our outer circumstances being out of balance, dynamic and at times, chaotic, and that the true holy grail is to find tools & technologies to find that equilibrium on the inside.

The world will be the world, people will be people, and life will be life...period.The gift of all those things being SO themselves which makes life so often feel off-centered is that it creates a longing to seek and find balance sourced from within ourselves.

I would LOVE to feel calm, centered and peaceful all the time but the truth is all the knowledge I've ascertained from NOT feeling that way, has helped me learn that there are all these profound tools to source peace and harmony from inside myself. This realization actually liberates us from being codependent on life’s outer circumstances & others for our own peace.

The Modern Mystic Membership platform lives on my website (link in bio) launched only a month ago, & members have received the following videos to support them in their quest for more balance,peace & harmony(in addition to over 100 + yoga & meditation video library).Ready to salivate?....

Ground Your Energy; Connect With Your Spirit Guides; Protect Your Energy; Find Your Protector Spirit Guide; Develop Your Intuition; Micro Morning Ritual; Tracking the Moon’s Cycles; Leo Season; Queen of Swords Tarot Pull; 9 Hard Breaths: a Tibetan Buddhist practice; Earthing/Mindful Walking; Uplift Yourself Meditation; Virgo Season; How to Work with the Full Moon; Nine of Pentacles Tarot; Libra Season

Each month, more and more videos will be added as we sync & align our internal rhythms with the cycles of the seasons and nature. Sign up for this profound and lovely membership on my website and lmk if any questions!

Looking for more #inspiration? Check out the Modern Mystic Podcast (found on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Music & Spotify). The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment. Bringing you ancient tools & technologies into modern day living. Yoga, mythic & healing conversations with expert & visionary powerhouses sharing their stories & secrets with you to help you live an inspired life. Conscious conversation carves out pathways towards the unfolding of your highest Self & for a sustainable world. Aligned & authentic living are the results on this road less traveled by. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!: The doors for the Modern Mystic Membership are now open! Monthly Mystic Members get access to a library of well over 100 yoga, meditation & breathwork classes as well as short “Mystic Hack” videos which have a myriad of topics ranging from: how to ground, protect and grow your energy; to astrology & tarot card videos; to developing one’s psychic abilities and more! Get a sample of some FREE videos and find the Membership area here: Give it a 5 star, 1 line review on iTunes (takes literally 2 min either from an iPhone or via the iTunes store on all other devices). This is HUGE as it helps get it heard more which helps the podcast get supported. Join conscious conversation & community in the Modern Mystic Podcast Private F-book Group: Get inspiring insights from me on IG: @modernmysticlove Please share about The Modern Mystic Podcast with your friends, family & anyone else whom you think might enjoy it! Thank you!


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The Modern Mystic Podcast explores the mystical in the mundane and the magic in the present moment.

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