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Discovery Call for Elite Coaching

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Service Description

Are you yearning to take either your life, practices, career, business, intuition and/or understanding of Self to the next level with a thoughtful game plan & wise support curated just for you? Join Kilkenny on a journey of insight & inspiration as you unlock stuck places within & without. Discover your full sovereignty as you fully embody your highest Self & come into alignment with your life’s fullest potential. Customized intuitive coaching specifically designed to support you with your personal, spiritual and/or professional aspirations can include: astrological insights from your natal chart, mindfulness, shadow work, tarot readings, journeying, meditation, life mapping, developing psychic abilities, creating ritual, business strategizing, energy readings, breathwork, meditation, tapping, psychic downloads and so much more… She has spent over a decade and a half showing people how to embody and access their higher Self & intuitive gifts in order to create their life from a space of magic & excitement instead of from a place of burnout and exhaustion. Kilkenny only accepts a limited number of clients who are ready to commit deeply to this work. Intuitive Coaching includes: 2 hour one-on-one sessions monthly, 1 hour each A Modern Mystic Membership Up to 2 f-book correspondences weekly (for advice, insights, questions) Homework (*optional) specifically designed for you if you so desire in between sessions for deepening your growth and maximizing accountability Private F-book Community to share and/or to practice with Goal Setting & Tracking Customized Practices Plan Astrology info from Natal Birth Chart

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ground floor 1233 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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