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Do you yearn for your intuition to guide you but have trouble knowing which voice in your head it actually is? Are you craving to live from a deeper, more authentic place but unclear how to do so? By learning to access your intuition, you can live life and make decisions from a more confident & clear place. 


In this fast paced & loud modern day age, the voice of our intuitions can easily drown. With this Intuition Toolkit you will learn 3 simple and effective strategies to develop your intuitive muscle so you can navigate your life with more ease & clarity.

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A little bit about Kilkenny:

I am a passionate podcaster (Modern Mystic), yoga & meditation professor, celtic priestess & coach. My Vibrant Venus Elite Coaching Program mentors folks how to integrate spirituality, earth infused mysticism, yoga, tantra, meditation, mindfulness into everyday life to live from a place of magic as opposed to burnout. I am also a professional astrologer and psychic medium. My projects and products all reflect my commitment towards helping people find “alignment” from the inside out and the outside in working with the mind, body and heart.

I have been steeping in the practices of tantric yoga & meditation since the age of five growing up learning from some of the preeminent thought leaders, scholars and meditation teachers in the world.

I am fiercely committed to developing offerings filled with technologies & techniques that make the many myriad of practices & philosophies she is schooled in as accessible as possible so people can integrate them into their day-to-day lives.

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