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Bio: Kilkenny Tremblay

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Kilkenny has been presenting at live events, public speaking and teaching workshops & trainings for two decades.

She has taught at the internationally acclaimed festival Wanderlust several times and opened for it in Philadelphia. She also presents annually at many festivals & yoga studios up and down the East Coast and offers inspirational talks. To get a sense of these, check out her “Soulcasts” on her Modern Mystic Podcast where she speaks solo.

Kilkenny Tremblay, is a passionate podcaster, yoga & meditation professor, celtic priestess & coach. Her Vibrant Venus Elite Coaching Program mentors folks how to integrate spirituality, earth infused mysticism, yoga, tantra, meditation, mindfulness into everyday life to live from a place of magic as opposed to burnout. She also is a professional astrologer and psychic medium. Her projects and products all reflect her commitment towards helping people find “alignment” from the inside out and the outside in working with the mind, body and heart.

She has been steeping in the practices of yoga & meditation since the age of five. Growing up learning from some of the foremost asana, philosophy & meditation teachers in the world gives her teaching layers of deep profundity and richness.

She is fiercely committed to developing offerings filled with technologies & techniques that make the many myriad of practices & philosophies she is schooled in as accessible as possible so people can integrate them into their day-to-day lives.

She teaches highly intelligent alignment based asana classes which spark insights within the postures. Her signature style is also exceedingly creative with her threading of mudra, mantra, myth & mindfulness on the garland of tantric yogic philosophy. Kilkenny’s cutting edge yoga teaching is one-of-kind leaving her students feeling grounded, empowered and uplifted. Also known for her potent sequencing, eloquent theming & authentic style, she is a teacher’s teacher, who has trained hundreds of teachers with her fluency in the yoga tradition and earth based practices.

As a mindfulness and meditation expert, she offers a plethora of techniques which are all rooted in powerful traditions.

She is impassioned as to how the revelations of yogic teachings, alignment & earth based practices can be leveraged off the mat or cushion, and integrated into day-to-day life and teaches how to do just this.

Her podcast, Modern Mystic, has appeared on the top 100 Apple Music chart & features expert guests such as NYTimes Best Seller, Sharon Salzburg; Grammy Nominee/Performer, Krisha Das; and internationally renowned Buddhist teacher & author, Lama Tsultrim Allione. She is the former owner and director of Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness, which was one of the East Coast’s most influential yoga studios that led the way with meditation, mindfulness and alignment based yoga. She is an E-RYT 500 teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has taught workshops & trainings for two decades & can often be found giving talks to large groups and presenting annually at national festivals such as Wanderlust & Floyd Jam. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Temple University.

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